"This is the prototype"


"Just had to get this one published as well, then we'll get back to all-american vintage.
Albeit very rescent (and ugly), it's still a nice contribution to "modern vintage" concidering the international hype.
This is the first washed out denim jacket Acne made.
Has the logo-flame applique in back.
It never hit the stores as it became "Too fucking expensive".
It would have been like 170 USD retail, not exactly off the charts.
But then again, around the same time Diesels "Old Glory" (amazing) was around 200 USD and that was astronomical figures for a pair of jeans.
This is the prototype.
Made in southern Italy, must have been around -98 I think.
I went alone to the factory and had Dom Perignon Grappa (fantastic) with a local mafioso who owned the only hotel. (that was empty except for me)"

Denna trevliga bild samt text hittade jag inne på denna blogg ;


Postat av: ripped

Sjukt att nån läser min blogg överhuvudtaget, men kul.

2007-06-17 @ 21:52:40
Postat av: Johan

Gillar dina korta, men mycket intressanta inlägg.

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